Destination Dooars

A journey through the rolling hill slopes, mesmerizing lush green tea gardens separated by meandering silvery mountain streams, high Sal forests, quite ethnic villages, vast meadows with a blue outline of the great Himalayan ranges in the horizon, endless sky…. It is Dooars for you! Lying in the Himalayan foothills in North Bengal, Dooars has great natural beauty. The wildlife-rich tropical forests, innumerable hill streams cutting across the green carpet of tea gardens and undulating plains, low hills rising up from the rivers all make it one of the most picturesque destinations. A drive through the Dooars plains, the gateway to Bhutan and the whole of North east India, can be the experience of a lifetime. The Dooars valley (also called Duars), stretching from the river Teesta on the west to the river Sankosh on the east, an area covering roughly 130 km by 40 km, forms a major part of the Jalpaiguri district.


Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park complete detail – updated. Geography of Gorumara National Park. Dominant flora and fauna of Gorumara National Park. Gorumara Park located on the bank of rivers Murti and Raidak has vegetation of riverine grasslands interspersed with savannah woodlands. Total area of the park is 79.45 Km2. The park is home to mammal species like One horned rhinos, Indian Elephant, Bison, leopard, Deer, Sambar, Monkeys etc. The National park has now become a prime tourist attraction due to the magnificent forests, beautiful landscapes and the presence of the Indian Rhinos.


Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Head quarter of Buxa Tiger Reserve is located at Alipurduar Town. The nearest Broad-gauge railway station (New Alipurduar) is located at the out skirts of the town. Alipurduar is linked by train to Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati. The town is on the broad gauge line of the North -East Frontier Railway connecting Siliguri and Guwahati. The Reserve can be approached by road (30 Km.) from Cooch Behar. The nearest airport is at Bagdogra near Siliguri (175 Km. away). Bagdogra is connected to Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati by air. From Siliguri, Alipurduar can be approached by train (broad-gauge) or by road.



Totopara name comes from the Toto tribes. The majority people lived in Totopara belongs in Toto communities. Some Nepalese are also there, but it is very minimum populous. The total area of Totopara is nearly 8 square kilometers, which is located on the fringe of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the famous wildlife in Dooars and Southern area of the indo-Bhutan borderline. There is river Torsha to the east. It divided into six Gram or Gaon namely, Panchayatgaon, Mandolgaon, Subbagaon, Mitrang-gaon, Pujagaon and Dumchigaon. A total numbers of 1184 (Totos live in nearly 200 houses in Totopara.


Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a new tourist destination in Dooars. Situated on the banks of the River Murti it is about 2 km from Samsing and is a popular camping site. The view of river and surrounding forests are excellent from Rocky Island but tourist amenities are basic. Accommodation is arranged in small Tents for overnight visitors. The campsite provides an excellent opportunity to explore the interior parts of Neora Valley National sanctuary. This place is best suited for adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing & rappelling. This is the must visit place for adventure loving travellers.



Chalsa is a very small town in Dooars region mostly known as the “Queen of Dooars” and one of the most visually attractive destinations. Chalsa is at an average elevation of 163 metres (535 feet). It is the headquarters of the Matiali community development block under the Malbazar subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district. Chalsa was mostly known for the weekly market at Mangalbari Hat and as a stopover for buses heading towards Dooars. The national highway connecting the North-East with West Bengal passes through Chalsa. From here the road to left leads to Samsing which is about 15 km.



Suntalekhola / Suntaley Khola / Suntaleykhola are situated at an elevation ranging from 650 meters to 950 meters. Suntalekhola derived its name from a small stream – Suntale (orange) and khola (streams). It is a small village in the lap of east Himalayan foothills just 5km from Samsing. Like Bindu this is also an ideal place for overnight stay. A trek from Samsing to Suntalekhola with scenic green nature, flow of mountain streams will bring you very close to nature and refresh your mind and soul. This place is adjacent to Bhutan and one can have a quick view of Bhutan Hills from this point.



Lataguri is located just outside Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. It is considered as the entry point to the Gorumara Park. Lataguri is situated in 30 km. from Jalpaiguri Town Station / 27 km.,from N.J.P Railway station and 95 km. from Bagdogra Airport. Lataguri is the base for your tour to Gorumara Park. River Murti, Jaldhaka and Ingdong have passed through this national park. Tourism around Gorumara started in Lataguri and its surrounding area although today large number of tourist accommodation has come up all around the forest including in Murti, Ramsai and other area.


Chilapata Forest

The Chilapata Forest is a dense forest near Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars. Chilapata has become a favourite Tourist destination for many in the recent past. You can go for a visit with permission of the forest department and accompanied by approved guide. Chilapata can easily be visited from Jaldapara as part of day sightseeing tour as the distance is barely 15 kms. Chilapata forest near Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary(WLS) is the main corridor between the Buxa Tiger Reserve(BTR) and Jaldapara WLS for the Elephants.


Murti River

Murti is the name of a river flowing down from the Kalimpong hills. Murti as a place is situated besides the same river between the Chapramari forest and Gorumara National Park. Excellent scenic beaury is main attraction of this place. You can visit the interior of Gorumara Park staying at Murti. On the other side of river at a short distance is Panjhora River. The sprawling Murti River makes this place even more attractive to the tourists. Bathing in the Murti River is an experience that would last for a lifetime.


Kalipur Eco Village

Kalipur Eco Village is the most appropriate place to be close to nature and wild life at Gorumara National Park. The camp is located about 500 meters from the Medla watchtower giving it advantage in terms of sighting wildlife. The cottages are designed to match the nature and the balcony offer fantastic views of the pristine forest, grassland, and the lush green tea garden. If you are an admirer of wildlife and lush green forest, then Kalipur is the most ideal travel destination for you. Gachbari or Tree House as accommodation is another major attraction of the Kalipur.

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